Smelly E-Books for College Students

25 Apr



Where is my smelly ebook ?

I’m becoming more and more a fan of ereaders/ebooks.
I allready have a ton of books in my house and definatly am at a point where I say enough is enough, so ebooks are the perfect solution here.

However there is still one thing that I really miss and that’s the smell of a book when you stick your nose in it.
Whether it’s a brand new book or a ten year old book, each book has it’s sent and every now and then you come across a (new) book that smells really good or a really bad one.

I really wish for an ereader that will enable sent for books, have a really old book smell like a really old book and a new book having that really fresh new book sent to it.



Apparently 43% of college students identify smell as the thing they most love about books. CaféScribe have taken this odd statistic and run with it, creating the world’s first smelly e-book.

Starting in September the company will send every e-book purchaser a sticker to put on their laptop that has an ‘old book’ smell. Of course, college students are fully backwards-compatible with real books. [CafeScribe]


via : Gizmodo


Why Do Old Books Smell?

Also see this new research on why old paper turns yellow, soon.

List of  Free E-Book 

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